Bárbara, multifandon. I love historical/fictional characters, fantasy movies and different kind of music. You are a poet as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts, are they not?

i’m waiting about 3 hours to download a “Isabel” episode. And when i finish i will have to download the subtitles and wait only god knows more time. To a single episode.

and there are 3 seasons. breath, just breath. 


tbh that grey dress we see on elizabeth for like two seconds in each episode from 08-10 of TWQ is so much better than that fucking yellow dress

why not just have her wear that instead of that godforsaken cotton/lycra mix fabric monstrosity? 

W H Y 

The Thistle and The Rose

History Meme {1/?}

Margaret Tudor & James IV

The marriage was to have repercussions for Scottish history down to this day. Margaret was thirteen years old and James was thirty when the couple were married. After the proxy ceremony, on June 27th, Margaret began a state progress north, accompanied by her father part of the way. She crossed the border at Berwick-upon-Tweed on August 1 and spent her first night in Scotland. The official wedding rite was performed on August 8, 1503 at Holyrood Palace. A short coronation ceremony followed. The marriage was one of strong affection, James was attentive and generous. The first three years of the marriage were pleasant and full of social engagements. At age sixteen the couple had their first child, and eventually six different pregnancies would follow.  In 1513, Margaret was torn between her brother and her husband. She had prophetic dreams and asked James not to go to war. James met the English at Flodden Field on September 9, 1513 where he lost his life along with the flower of the Scottish nobility. Margaret was to pass of a stroke on October 18, 1541 at Methven Castle. Her brother Henry VIII had excluded her heirs from the line of succession in his will. Her lasting legacy was that her great-grandchild ended up on the throne. Scotland and England were joined together into Great Britain.

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Anonymous asked: Who is Cesare Borgia?


somebody who i wouldn’t like to have as my brother in law

- What are you doing here, honey? You’re not even old enough to know how bad life gets.

- Obviously, Doctor, you’ve never been a 13-year-old girl.